#B2BN Middle School Girls’ Camp Standouts; Part 2

Here is my second edition of players that stood out at camp…


Gabby Thomas (5’9/SG/’28/Winners United)


IG: iamgabbyyt / winnersunitedelite


Gabby was absolutely sensational at camp. She has positional size for her age division and is a highly skilled two-way talent. She had a good first day but followed it up with an amazing second day. She had her complete scoring arsenal on display and had an unmatched scoring prowess. She is a powerful straight-line driver who loves to get to the rim, is tough in transition, and showed that she can get a bucket at any moment. Everything was coming together for Gabby over the two days: the pull-up 3s, the contested 2s, the middle game, the drives to the cup, the drive-and-kicks, and the drive-and-sprays. Her two-way talent makes her an intriguing emerging commodity. I look forward to watching her compete against higher-level talent and getting a better feel for her long-term potential.


Yogi Boynton (5’7/CG/’29/Winners United)


IG: Yogis_worldd


Yogi was at her best when she was out in transition and orchestrating out in the open floor. She was constantly pushing pace and getting her team out for easy buckets. She can space the floor, navigate it, and work as a creator with the rock in her hands. She balanced scoring and facilitating but thrived in the open court and scored at a high rate as she was aggressive in getting to the rack. An uptempo style of play suits Yogi very well, as her mindset is to put pressure on the rim in transition every time the ball is in her hands.


Michala Butler (5’4/PG/’29/Wood Elite)


IG: Michala.butler / WoodElite National 2029

X: @Michalabutler29


Michala is a small PG who was very tough off the bounce. She is a skilled orchestrator who constantly puts pressure on the defense as she looked to get into the heart of the defense and create scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. Her ability to stretch defenses in transition makes her a threat to disrupt any defensive game plan that an opponent may have. She is very good at limiting turnovers, reading the floor, and knowing where the ball should be at any given time. She plays bigger than her size and is just as productive on the defensive end of the floor with her disruptive pressure as she is on the offensive end of the floor.


Adalan Evans (5’0/CG/’29/Starkville Future)


IG: adalane.2029

X: @tressaddii


Adalan is a listed combo guard in her profile, but as she stands at 5’0, she showed throughout camp her ability to be an emerging floor general who knows how to run the show. Her PG IQ is developing but is already beyond her years. She is a reliable ball-handler and a capable passer. She is very crafty when navigating through the lane to get to the cup or drop a dime, and she showed to be a consistent spot-up shooting threat. As she continues her learning path at the PG spot, there are many aspects to continue to develop, but what I would like to see from Adalan is her development into a gritty, hard-nosed, on-ball defensive pest.


Shayla Gladney (5’1/PG/’29/Starkville Future)


IG: shayla3o_


Shayla is a feisty floor general who does not back down from anyone. Offensively, she is quick off the bounce and gets downhill in a hurry. She put defenders on their heels and showed to be a pass-first PG when she was attacking off the bounce. Whether in the open floor or in the half-court, she was a solid orchestrator and did a good job getting her teammates the rock where they could be productive. Shayla plays like a coach on the floor, really excels at running the offense, and has nice passing and set-up ability. Defensively, don’t let her size fool you, as she makes life hard for opposing ball-handlers with her disruptive play.


Ve’Lana Reaves (5’8/SF/’29/Drillz Skillz)


IG: Velana.to.chill / Drillskillz21


Ve’Lana had a very productive camp, and there was not much flash when it came to her game; there was just a lot of production. Her calling card was her activity on the glass and her put-backs off the offensive glass. She is quick off the floor as a leaper and is very mobile with good hands. Ve’Lana is physically gifted with a developing skill, and plays within herself. She also got out in transition and was a constant option for ball-handlers who were pushing the rock in transition. Ve’Lana didn’t show the wow factor, but she showed that she is the caliber player that coaches love to have on the floor for the majority of the time because she is constantly making winning plays, which are not necessarily always scoring plays.


Alana DeWitt (5’8/Wing/’29/AEBL Elite [15U])


IG: alana.dewitt / wer1girlz

X: @alanajdewitt / @wer1girlz


Alana is a multi-level scorer who is at her best knifing through defenses with her crafty takes and finishes. She was as versatile as they came of all in camp, as she brought so much to the floor on both ends. She is an above-average passer with court vision and doesn’t mind getting her teammates involved. She can easily switch to the lead guard spot and facilitate the offense. She is a competent scorer from behind the arc, and as camp went on, she showed more efficiency. Alana is an emerging prospect with promise as she has savvy, skill, and intelligence that she uses to dominate games.