Here is my third edition of players that stood out at camp…


Rianne Minor (5’6/CG/’30/Cal Sparks)


IG: riani_minor / calsparks_basketball

X: @RianneMinor


Rianne came in on day two and was very impressive. She is a very skilled playmaker with a smooth offensive game. She plays with her eyes up and has excellent court awareness, which was seen as she thrived in transition. She was looking to be aggressive while controlling the game as a scorer and a distributor. Rianne is a legitimate three-level scorer who creates her own shot, is tough in iso situations, gets to her spots from mid-range, and is a tough finisher in the paint and at the rim. Even though she only competed one day of the camp, she made an impact.


Maleah Singletary (5’3/PG/’31/Sideline Cancer)


IG: maleahsingletary

X: @Maleah2031


Maleah and her family made the trip to Georgia from Delaware to compete amongst some of the top talent in the country. She is a 5th-grader who played up in the 7th-grade division and did a good job not just holding her own but putting in work and being recognized as one of the best in the 7th-grade division. She did not back down from the older girls but was aggressive, looking for her offense. She scored from all levels, showing her youthful scoring prowess. She is listed as a PG and showed her ability to facilitate, but truthfully, she did a good job playing on and off the ball. She is a young talent who still has a lot of work to do in her all-around game, but she showed at camp that she is on the right path.


Kendall Copeland (5’6/G|F/’28/Tar Heels)


IG: ken._hoops


Kendall is a wing who had a solid showing. She had crafty takes off the bounce and was productive with her C&S trey ball. Even though she has some craftiness off the bounce, she is more of a straight-ahead slasher when getting to the cup. As she prepares for life at the high school level, she will need to continue to hone her perimeter skills.


Mackenzie Everett (5’9/Wing/’28/S.H.E)


IG: mackenzieeverett23 / therealteamscoot

X: @mackeverett23 / @realteamscoot


Mackenzie did not show me much on day one, aside from the fact that she was a lengthy wing who flashed potential at times. On the second day, she came in more aggressive, and the potential I saw quickly turned into production. As I said, she is a lengthy wing who can put the rock on the floor and get to the rack. She has a go-to spin move that was tough for defenders to guard against, and when she got close to the cup, she did a good job shooting over the top of the defense. She was active on the glass, could rim and run and lead the break, and showed her passing skills and crafty finishes. Her two days of camp were like night and day, and I hope she will learn to play at the day two level more consistently.


Janise McCoy (5’5/PG/’28/Chapel Hill Middle School)


IG: mccoyjanise


Janise is a small lead guard who has vision and passing skills. Despite being small, she does a really good job getting to the rack. She is tough and fearless and doesn’t mind getting in the midst of the trees and making plays; as she often dropped passes to teammates, she got open off her dribble penetration. Janise showed she could attack going either direction, and she thrived off quick changes of direction, which will be a strength as she prepares to take her talents to the high school level.


Jaylynn Moore (5’4/CG/’29/Flint)


IG: Jay.hoops2029 / Flint_2029


Jaylynn is a lefty backcourt player who scored well from all levels. She brought energy and effort to the floor and played extremely hard on both ends of the floor. She was very difficult to keep out of the paint as she was in constant attack mode, probing defenses, looking for gaps and angles to attack. Jaylynn has a knack for getting into the paint and creating scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. Defensively, she is a gritty, hard-nosed defender who forces ball-handlers to work for everything.


Jamayra Garcia (5’3/CG/’28/Celtics)


IG: Jamayra.Leticia / Zone 6 Celtics


As I watched Jamayra play, she showed that she has a skillset even though she still has a lot of room for growth in her all-around game. However, I kept telling myself that she has to grow to be more confident in the work she has put in up to this point. She seemed to be a little hesitant at points, but when she stopped thinking and just played, she flourished. She has vision, plays with pace, and can distribute the rock. As she gets ready for life at the high school level, the key for Jamayra is going to be confidence.