#B2BN Middle School Girls’ Camp Standouts

There were many talented players at the first-ever B2BN middle school girls’ camp, and here are a few that stood out…


Ava Anthony (6’3/C/’29/Team Flint 2029)


IG: ava_anthony2029 / flint_2029


Ava has size, and it affected everything when she was on the court. She clogged up the middle, making it very hard for ball-handlers to see any light to the cup. She was active on the boards mainly because of her size, and there wasn’t anyone else in camp who could match her. She is still raw offensively, but she was able to provide point production because she could just easily score around the rim off drop-offs or from offensive boards. As much size as she has, she still fades away when shooting at times, which can be corrected with more time in the lab. She has a lot of work to do regarding her all-around game, but as she puts in the work to enhance her skillset, she has something right now that you can’t teach: size.


Jada Williams  (5’9/PF|C/’29/Winners United)


IG: J.dub3_2029 / Winnersunitedelite


Jada had an impressive two days at camp, as she had the entire arsenal on display. She has positonal size for her age and is highly versatile. She is very active on the inside and impacts the game on both ends of the floor in the paint. She rebounds at a high rate and proved to be a tough player who just produces across the stat sheet. She showed her ability to stretch the floor with the trey ball, as she was really effective in her c&s opportunities. She has some work to do regarding her ball-handling, but she makes plays throughout the game that show her ability and potential, making it hard to ignore her. Hopefully, those around her will not allow her to get lost in the post as an interior player but will make sure she expands her game to be a player who can play inside and out. She definitely has the potential to emerge into that caliber player.


Maliha Harris (5’5/CG/’28/Iball)


IG: Maliha.Harris5 / Ibeatall44


Maliha is a highly skilled guard who proved to be a reliable lead guard. She played with the rock in her hands most of the time, and you would think from just looking that she was solely a PG and not a player who goes between playing on and off the ball. Even though her profile listed her as a combo guard, I view her as a score-first PG who proved to be a two-way talent. She was one of the best iso scorers at camp and was a problem every time the ball was in her hands. Now, she does need to learn to do more with less as she massages the ball a very long time, and it would benefit her game as she learns to make a move and attack her gaps. I am confident that as she continues her journey, she will hone this aspect of her game and will grow into a more fluid backcourt prospect. At the end of the day, she is a competitor who gave her all on both ends of the floor.


Loriel Murray (6’2/PF/’28/WeR1)


IG: lozilla_stay_ballin53 / wer1girlz

X: @LorielMurray_52 / @wer1girlz


Loriel has good positional size and was extremely dominant in the paint. She finishes with strength around the rim, and you can see that she is developing as a scorer when facing the basket. I am not sure she understands her strength because even though she finishes well through contact and has some explosiveness at times when finishing, she still fades on her shot at times. Even though she is a bit stiff, not very mobile and agile, she does a good job bullying her way to the rim and ultimately wearing down her defenders. Loriel showed her ability to be a rim protector, but she needs to discipline her defense. She showed a tenacity to compete, and as she eyes life at the high school level, that tenacity is going to help her find time on the floor.


Nevaeh Anderson (5’2/CG/’30/Supreme Team Young Gunz)


IG: nevaeh7anderson2030 / supremeteam_younggunz


Nevaeh was one of the quickest players in camp. Her burst in the open floor was very impressive as she often left defenders playing catch up. She was at her best in the open floor as she could slice her way through and around defenders. She played hard on both days, and her production did not diminish once she set the bar for what she was bringing to the floor. She proved to have no problems hitting her defender with one move or a combo move, getting by her, and then getting to her spots where she could produce. She has the handle and the feel to run the show and was very good at getting into the heart of the defense and either dropping off to her bigs or spraying to her open shooters. She was one of the best off the bounce and really showed her ability to attack closeouts and draw second defenders, keeping the defense in a compromising position. The intriguing thing about Nevaeh is that she is a 2030 kid doing it against older kids.


Ariel Brown (5’6/CG/’29/IBALL)


IG: _arielmb / Ibeatall444


Ariel is a downhill attacking guard who is really quick off the bounce. She is a heady backcourt player who scores at all levels, rebounds her position, makes really good decisions with the rock, and was at her best in the open floor. She showed to be a shot-maker who could make tough shots both on the move and off the dribble. She has a knack for creating space to get her shot off, but make no mistake about it: she is at her best when she is looking to get to the cup and create offense off the bounce. She gave ultimate effort and proved to be a competitive, tough, and aggressive guard.


Jaedyn Edwards (5’6/CG/’27/Sideline Cancer)


IG: Jaedyn.Edwards_11

X: @Sidelinecanceraau


Jaedyn proved to be a player that defenders could not keep out of the paint. She was constantly getting to the rack and making plays at the rim. Jaedyn got it going early, and there was no slowing her down. Her play elevated everyone around her, and it could be seen that her team played better when she was being aggressive and physical in her attacks to the rim. She cemented herself as one of the best at camp at scoring off the bounce with variety. Jaedyn knows how to play, has a good feel for the game, is a solid ball handler, and is a good decision-maker in tight spaces. She needs a good off-season in the lab as she embarks upon her sophomore year.