Capital Cool Team Preview: OMG TEAM GEORGIA ELITE GOLD (2025)


IG: omgtge

X: @omgtge

Head Coach: Quade Aalim

I spoke with Coach Aalim as the OMG Team-GA prepare for the Capital Cool Classic taking place in Birmingham, AL. Coach is very excited to be participating in the prestigious event and is looking forward to competing against some of the top talent in the country. He leads his team into Capital Cool with an aggressive defensive mindset. OMG focuses on playing team ball, which Coach Aalim believes is the force behind their success. Coach Aalim believes their ability to play fast makes the squad a difficult team to compete against, yet they can slow it down when needed. 

Key Players:

London Loyal (6’0/F/’25)

IG: thereallondonbreeze

X: @LondonBreeze20

London provides most of her production from the wing. She does a good job using her dribble to get to her spots where she can go to work. She has a good middle game and does a good job taking what the defense gives her. She is very active on the boards and has proven to be a relentless competitor.

Leilani E Ward (5’3/PG/’25)

IG: lovee_leilani13

X: @leilaniward1317

Leilani is a two-way talent who handles the lead guard responsibilities for the squad. She is small in size but does a good job getting to the cup. She is absolutely a problem on the defensive end of the floor as she will pick up the ball-handler the length of the court. She has a brilliant floor game and has the keys to the squad. 

Ayana Roberts (5’11/F|C/’26)

IG: Yanahoops

X: @Yanahoops

Ayana brings a lot of versatility to the floor, as she can play inside and out. She can handle the rock, create opportunities off the bounce for herself and her teammates, and punish her defender on the low block. Offensively, she has shot-creation ability and defensive versatility, both of which provide a reason to keep an eye on this young talent.  

Players To Keep An Eye On

Jersana Moore is a player Coach Aalim believes is underrated because of her size, as he shared that if she was 5’9, she would be D1 ready. She brings a swagger to the team and the ability to create her own shot, as she can blow past anyone at any moment, even with her size. Addison Strickland is a developing talent, and many take her lightly because she doesn’t look the part which opponents often find out early that they made a mistake by taking her lightly. She is active on the glass, provides production with put-backs, and has a developing low-post game.

What Is The Key For Your Team To Have A Successful AAU Season?

When I asked Coach Aalim this question he simply said, “The key for us to have a great season is to play together. If we play together, everything will take care of itself.”